Welcome. This not a blog post, more an infrequently updated introduction to the site. Alternatively known as a letter to you, dear reader. Thank you for visiting. You should know that I’ve been tweaking my way through various different updates of this web presence for… well, let’s just say some time now. It’s mid-April, 2015, and I’ve finally managed to clear enough time to sit down and finish something in one go and release it before wanting another go at improving it. The keyword for this month is focus. The keyword for this month is focus. My regular mode of work is scattershot. I’m used to darting from task to task, project to project, poem to poem— shuttling back and forth. Indeed, that’s how I usually get a lot of things done. That said, I’ve come to appreciate the notion that it might be healthy to attempt to subvert that natural propensity. So. Focus it is.

If you’re new here, this is how I’m currently describing myself:

Jacob Sam-La Rose writes. Performs. Teaches. Presents. Directs Barbican Young Poets, the Spoken Word Education Programme (Goldsmiths University), and Burn After Reading. One half of Sponsored by the Alphabet. Geeks for poetry, tech and digital literature.

That’s the quirky, sub-50 word edit. For a more detailed bio, you can head to the about page. There’s something lovely about reviewing yourself and your materials when going through the exercise of putting a personal/professional site together. It’s an opportunity for reflection, and for looking forward. I’ve spent a while reviewing old and active projects, with the constant thought: these are the statements and materials by which many people will gain some sense of what I do. What’s still relevant? Does my archive speak to the possible futures of my work? At some point, of course, you have to “ship,” as Seth Godin might say. In the words Sister Corita Kent: there will be new rules tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by. See you again soon?

Jacob, April 2015